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    i-Roamer Mini


    £1,599.00 £1,479.00

    The iRoamer Mini: Because Small is Beautiful (and Effective)

    Get to the heart of your party, sporting event, school festival, or charity gala and capture the action with our lightweight, portable iRoamer Mini!

    Weighing a little over 3lb and measuring 18 inches diametre our iRoamer Mini is a simple, robust addition to your party set up. It takes a 10.5 inch iPad Pro, with an 11-inch option also available.

    Use a battery pack to roam your party, snapping pictures as you go, or fit the iRoamer Mini to a stand and use mains power. The iRoamer is fitted with a rainbow attract light, which can be controlled with a remote control and is audio sensitive, making it part of your party entertainment.

    All told, the iRoamer Mini is a great solution for both attended and non-attended events, and it’s fabulous value for money to boot!

    Included Features:

    • Our brand new i-Roamer Mini  fits a 10.5 inch iPad (Not supplied)
    • Audio Sensitive Rainbow Attract Light with remote control
    • Solid plastic case with steel housing to secure iPad
    • Charging cable and wall lead for iRoamer supplied
    • Super Lightweight (3kg total, including iPad)
    • Battery Not Included (You will need 1 x TalentCell Rechargeable 72W 100WH 12V/8300mAh ) Link https://amzn.to/2YPLthS

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